WEBINAR FACTUM • 28 settembre 2023 ore 14:30

Il MES che porta benefici alla tua produzione

Con un'unica soluzione potrai raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi di Lean Production. Iscriviti al webinar per scoprire come.

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Choose to be different

We love the challenge, we love the problem that everyone has discarded as considered "impossible". To find the best solution we question everything, even ourselves.

When we look at a problem, we always do it from a new point of view and without conditioning.

We are fussy, nonconformist, brazen, determined, tenacious, optimistic, visionary and our software is infected by this way of being.

Choose to be different

We want to be tested

If you are looking for a conventional solution to solve your problem, go to the usual software house. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box solution that can solve an entire class of problems, then we’re excited to help.

We want to be tested

Any question? We are here for you.

Fill out the form or send us an email to info@solidrules.com. We will contact you to provide you all the solutions.

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