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Product configurations without limits

SolidRules was born to find solutions even there where easy ways seems to doesn’t exist. The unconventional attitude of SolidRules push it to follow path that seems too ambitious to others. The only limit of SolidRules is…when you decide it.

Traditional configurators were born to manage standard objects and lead themselves to solve only specific needs. In fact, often they are a simple bill materials configurators built around or inside a management system.

When the company have more specific needs to realise fast and accurate offers even when the product hasn’t been produces yet, here SolidRules Configurator enter the game.

Obviously SolidRules Configurator doesn’t limit itself only at offer configuration because solidRules in fact do not limit itself at anything!

With product Configurator you can manage:

Existing objects

You know at the start the practicability and costs of the projects in details. You can show to the customer in few moments the project and its costs without errors and by giving them a fast and efficient service.

You have major certainty about the lead time because of the already existing drawings and by invite the customers or the seller to choose those configurations.

Existing objects

Possible but never realized before objects

It is possible to be sure of the possibility to realize the object or machinery and know its costs even if it was never made before.

The configurator can estimate costs by developing a bill of materials and work cycles for all the objects that were never made before.

In this case it is possible that technical drawings of some parts of the machinery, which are totally new, must be made.

If you aim for more automation processes, the development of drawings is possible thanks Configurator. Configurator in its Manufacturing version become a tool for design automation. The close connection between Configurator and PDM makes Design Automation a process that leads to realization of a product ready to go into production. (From the geometrical and registry that is complete of bill of materials and work cycles).

Possible but never realized before objects

Special objects

Managing special, non-standard projects is well known as a problematic situation because it escapes the usual patterns, but it is also the strength of many companies. The non-typical and apparently deconstructed approach of SolidRules make it possible to take control over the complexity of special and non-standard objects.

It is not possible to even think to manage special project by just pushing a big button that do everything for you. But SolidRules find the most similar component that was already made in the past related to the new request.

At this point it is possible that you will find a non-automatized processes that will request a new designed component. After doing this it wouldn’t be necessary to manage manually the process, but it will work like in the case of standard projects.

Special objects

What drive SolidRules

The secret of SolidRules lies in its rules that drive you to your destination.

To make the rules in the best way and make the solution ready to use and totally customizable we created SolidRules Studio.

Officially SolidRules Studio is a combination of BRMS ((Business Rule Management System) and RPMS (Rule-driven Product Management System) but, for them who use it, is a system able to describe procedures, logical processes and solve application problems in a simply and fast way.

Today with the new SolidRules studio it is possible to design a desktop application and decide, in one click, to transform it into a web application benefiting of the ready to use graphic layouts.

What drive SolidRules

Who is made for

With SolidRules those who realize standard products will achieve a fast, standardized, and sure of costs management. Also, those who work with a lot of special and nonstandard products (and here you will fall in love with it) SolidRules can:

  • Take control over the complexity of nonstandard projects
  • Find the perfect configuration for the customers’ needs
  • Reduce errors
  • Reduce the the requests for feasibility to the technical department
  • Manage multilingual documents
  • Workflow
  • Provide to customer and prospect a quick and efficient service
  • Produce offers, orders, blls of materials, flows and models of CAD, P&D schemes


The bi-directional communication with different company systems is a daily life routine for SolidRules and not the exception.
If the context of a problem change, if the goals change, if the management system change, the investment made on SolidRules is even more tactical because it follows your necessities.

SolidRules is integrated with the products from Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Subversion, Linkersys™ and also with a CRM like SugarCRM. SolidRules can work with formats DWG, DXF, OBJ, STL, XAML, 3MF, 3DS and more.

Any question? We are here for you.

Fill out the form or send us an email to info@solidrules.com. We will contact you to provide you all the solutions.

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