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Estimate the cost of your components already at the design stage

SolidRules Costing is the solution that allows you to estimate the cost of your components already at the design stage. You no longer have to wait for quotes from your supplier to know the cost of production of your machine. On the other side the subcontractor will be able to estimate his own cost of production without the necessity to physically realize the object for which the estimate is asked.

Costs without surprises

SolidRules Costing recovers from the CAD the necessary information in order to preview the costs of the product to realize like:

  • Material
  • Thickness Sheet
  • Lenght
  • External Perimeter Length of Cut
  • Weight, Treatment
  • Feature Holes and Diameter, Feature Slits,
  • Feature Drawing, Feature Digging
  • Feature Pleats, Feature Hem, and more

It doesn’t matter if the product is standard, has only a few variations or is special. The cost will be, in any case, calculated with great precision and you can also predict the impact of each change.

Costs without surprises

3 reasons why SolidRules Costing is a fundamental tool to tame costs:

1. Allows you to know the cost of a machine already at the design stage, without having to wait for the time of the purchasing office added to those of the supplier

2. It is a tool capable of evaluating the cost of a component without the need to have it already produced (and this is needed both for you and your contractor)

3. It provide an objective assessment which is approaching the real value of the costs

3 reasons why SolidRules Costing is a fundamental tool to tame costs:

Who is made for

Costing is aimed at all those who need to have under control the costs of their components and products. But not only. Costing is aimed especially at those who want to pre-see the costs without relying on scarce estimates and chance but relying on a precise and reliable tool. To avoid surprises at the end of the project.


SolidRules Costing is naturally connected to SolidRules InCentro PDM. This will allow you to have a complete solution in all its parts. A solution perfectly set in your business context thanks to the tools of coding, research, reuse existing parts, vaulting... which are typical of the proposal SolidRules Incentro.


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