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A Subversive Configurator

It is a certain fact that the technician designs and salesman sells.

With SolidRules Configurator for sales it becomes possible to create, in real time and with the customer at their side, a 3D and 2D project, a layout, without a CAD license on the PC, without CAD skills and without making mistakes.

It can then provide the customer with the newly realized project directly on the web in 3D and including photorealistic rendering.

A Subversive Configurator

Virtuous circle

The technician designs the 3D components and defines the assembly and configuration rules and send them to the salesman.

The salesman uses the rules and 3D components of the Technical Office to create a customized project.

The salesman then delivers to the technician the result of his design to start the CAD assembly and production that takes place without ambiguity.

This is not a science fiction story, this is the reality for those who use SolidRules Configurator Planner.

Virtuous circle

Leads the user

It allows you to have a rule system that guides the user (experienced and inexperienced) to configure the product in a 3D and 2D virtual environment, simple, attractive and that does not require an installed CAD.

In addition, it makes it possible to configure products in 3D and 2D directly on the web, tablets and smartphones. To be always at hand.

Obviously directly from SolidRules Configurator the salesman can export the result of the configuration in DWG or DXF, can have the offer on Word and Excel or can export the configuration in a 3D format available via web.

Leads the user

Surprises the customer

It amazes the customer with the immediacy with which it is possible to realize and show the project with a professional quality photorealistic rendering.

It also allows those who follow the customer to publish on the web the 3D of the project itself so that the buyer can touch and evaluate (in your favor) what is offered.

With a single tool you can start advantaged in the bidding phase, shorten the time of order processing and control the costs for more concreteness and profit.

Surprises the customer

Excites the technician

The Technical Office will rejoice when it discovers that it will not need its continuous intervention to make product previews in 2D and 3D layout.

Previews can be made directly by the sales, already in the pre-sale phase, thus leaving free the resources of the Technical Office.

When the Technician completes the design, he can publish, directly from his 3D CAD, the models and the information that will be used later by SolidRules Configurator.

The transition from CAD models to SolidRules Configurator is therefore an immediate, simple step that minimizes startup and maintenance time.

Excites the technician

Speed up and simplify the process making all the players satisfied

SolidRules Configurator allows users to capture input information via a 3D interface or via a touch screen.

The content of the acquisition can then be passed directly to the Technical Office (also by e-mail) to automatically start the assembly at the CAD level, drastically reducing the time that leads from the offer to the fulfillment of the order (even in the case of non-standard objects).

The flow of information between design, sales and production is continuous and bi-directional.

In a nutshell, thanks to its simplicity, speed and effectiveness every actor involved in this project will be satisfied.

Speed up and simplify the process making all the players satisfied


Bi-directional communication with various business systems (from management to CRM) is a routine for SolidRules and certainly not an exception.
If the context of the problem changes, if the objectives change, if the ambitions increase, if the management system changes, the investment made on SolidRules is further strategic as it is able to follow your needs.
SolidRules Configurator is integrated with Microsoft Office, sharepoint, Subversion, Linkersys platform products rather than with CRM as sugarcrm. In addition to this SolidRules Configurator can work with the formats DWG, DXF, OBJ, STL, XAML, 3MF, 3DS, ... . Obviously, the integration with the PDM/PLM world of SolidRules Incentro and CRM/Company System of SolidRules Desk is part of the "house" equipment.

Who is made for

It is addressed to all those who participate in the realization of a project starting from the offer to the fulfillment of the order. It involves at first those who take care of the customer but also the design and production department because SolidRules Configurator allows you to:

  • Configure a product in 2D and 3D already in advance without the need for CAD knowledge
  • Return a quality photorealistic rendering
  • Configure directly on the web, desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Export the result to Word and Excel or in 3D format available via web
  • Once the configuration is complete, send the result to the Technical Office to start the assembly automatically at the CAD level
  • Publish, directly from the 3D CAD of the Technical Office, the models and information that will be used later by SolidRules Configurator
  • Drastically reduce the time between the time of the offer and delivery of the order

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