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A conscientious guide from quotation to contract

Standardize and speed up the production of all your proposals.

It is the ideal solution for those looking for a CPQ solution that comes out of the "narrow path" of too rigid approaches.

It is the solution to configure your product to the customer’s needs (Configure), to price it (Price) from bill and cycles (if needed) rather than from the various price lists, and to produce the offer document in an effective and attractive way (Quote).

A conscientious guide from quotation to contract

Create documents

The creation of all documents (offer, order, etc.) takes place through guided paths that you can define.

You don’t even have to waste time writing the same document in different languages because the configuration is done by answering questions in the language of your choice while the final document can be produced in the customer’s language.

Create documents

Researching and archiving

Documents can be stored either directly on file systems, securely via version management, or directly on SolidRules Desk the Company System that allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of any document.

The information is retrieved via full-text searches that operate on the entire archive to never miss anything you may need.

All the data can then be analyzed with the internal Business Intelligence system of SolidRules.

Researching and archiving

A Configurator for everyone

Every employee, every agent, every supplier is equipped with solutions tailored to his needs and updated automatically that allow him first to create documents without errors and, later, to circulate the information in all departments without rewriting and without ambiguity.
Each machine, each plant is configured, costified, priced through rules that can be dictated in a simple way and using everyday tools.

A Configurator for everyone

Who is made for

Especially designed to support the sales department in configuring a complex offer without wasting time and risk of errors.
It is the proposal for those who want to continue to produce their documents directly on Word and Excel, but using a "less anarchic" and more effective approach.

  • Standardization
  • Velocità
  • Drastic reduction of errors
  • Multilingual, multi currency, multi priced, multi departmental, multi device, multi purpose management
  • Secure storage of documents
  • Rapid search
  • Workflow
  • Usability in desktop and web mode, usable on pc, tablet and smartphone


With SolidRules Configurator it will not be necessary to open the mask of the ERP, that of the CRM, or that of the PDM to realize a document since everything is perfectly integrated, even with Microsoft Office Word and Excel solutions so we assure you that you will not feel like a fish out of water.

You can use it at any time and place because the application is available on desktop and web mode, and can be used on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

It links with SolidRules Desk but it can exchange information with any business system and not.

It’s terrific even standalone on your website for a setup experience that will generate envy in all competitors.

Any question? We are here for you.

Fill out the form or send us an email to info@solidrules.com. We will contact you to provide you all the solutions.

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