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Do you drive or do you get carried? In any case you need the navigator

SolidRules Configurator is the proposal of configuration oriented to sales and after-sales processes, product configuration and industrial automation, but all this for us is reductive.

Every process that needs to be guided belongs to the domain of things in which the SolidRules configurator can become your most valuable ally.

The infinite universe of the configurable things

With SolidRules you can easily configure an offer (of a product, a plant, a service), an order, a bill of materials, a machining cycle, a manual or a technical file without sacrificing the flexibility of everyday tools such as Word and Excel.

With the same ease you can configure a layout, a 2D object rather than 3D and you can do it directly from web, on a PC, tablet or a mobile phone. Of course, you can also configure the product directly on your 2D and 3D CAD.

L’universo infinito delle cose configurabili

Coordinates: Planet Configurator, SolidRules Galaxy

We inform you that SolidRules lives in real world and has been designed for real world, a world where needs change faster than mood and where you are late even before you start, where standard products are not always the rule and every company has its needs.

We have therefore created a solution that can:

  • Configure an offer, an order, a manual, a machine, a line, a plant
  • Configure the already produced, producible and never produced or special
  • Configure an object using 2D and 3D images directly on the web also with the aid of augmented reality
  • Configure a bill of materials or machining and costing cycles
  • Manage everything in a B2B and B2C process
  • Configure the flow related to spare parts
  • Have the configuration directly on the website and integrate it with e-commerce, CRM, ERP
Coordinates: Planet Configurator, SolidRules Galaxy

Configurator Office

A configurator for everyone, loved by sales

If you want to offend it you can see it as any CPQ software that is Configure Price & Quote but it is much more:

  • It is multilingual, multi-currency, multi priced,multi departmental, multi device, multi-purpose
  • No more errors in document production thanks to guided and automated paths
  • Allows a quick and effective search
  • Produces all types of documents accurately and securely
  • Integration with Microsoft Office Word and Excel solutions is total and you may not need anything else

Configurator Planner

Graphic Configurator

It already offers you everything in the commercial configurator with the possibility to make a 3D or 2D graphic configuration to expand your possibilities:

  • Allows you to have a rule system that guides the user (experienced and inexperienced) to product configuration in a 3D and 2D virtual environment, which does not require an installed CAD
  • It allows you to publish on web the 3D of the realized project so that the customer can see with his eyes the proposal
  • Allows you to have a photo-realistic rendering with professional quality without the need for any expertise
  • Allows you to configure 3D and 2D products directly on web, tablet, smartphone, desktop
  • A single tool to win in the offer phase, to shorten order processing times, to control costs, to have concreteness and profits

Configurator Manufacturing

Technical Configurator

From the commercial configuration (with and without 3D graphics) to the technical configuration of the product with the ease of those who are walking on velvet.

  • Transforms sells demand into a technically flawless product and fully developed on your 2D and 3D CAD
  • Enables you to better meet the parameters of quality certification
  • Allows you to request economic quotes for both standard and special products
  • Create offers, bills and animations supporting the commercial
  • Combines the needs of sales with those of the technical office
  • Minimises errors and time losses during project implementation
  • Allows you to work both online and offline

Configurator Exchanger

Heat exchanger configurators

The targeted solution for those who produce heat exchangers. With the dedicated SolidRules Configurator you can reduce lead time, define all the parameters of the exchanger and get a dynamic preview of the battery.

  • Define all the parameters
  • 3D preview of the entire parameterized heat exchanger
  • The multilingual economic proposal
  • The preliminary technical bill or the entire project
  • The setting of the exchanger
  • The development of sheet metal
  • The developments and related bending tables of the pipes used
Configurator Exchanger

configurator manuals

Manuals Configurator

The configurator suitable for creating any type of manual, operating instructions or for the maintenance of any type of object. Flexible, safe and fast.

  • Standardizza e velocizza la produzione di manuali
  • Produce manuali d’uso, manutenzione, installazione e altro
  • Utilizza percorsi guidati e parametrici per ridurre il rischio di errori
  • Gestisce le traduzioni alla base dei contenuti multi lingua
  • Può uscire su Word, Excel, InDesig, HTML
Configuratore di manuali

100% customizable

From learning to rules

The secret of SolidRules is in the rules engine that guides you to destinations as the best of navigators.
To dictate the rules in the best way and to make the solutions ready to use and fully customizable we created SolidRules Studio.

Formally SolidRules Studio is the union between a BRMS (Business Rule Management System) and a RPMS (Rule-driven Product Management System), but, for those who then use it, is a system that allows you to describe in a natural way logical processes and quickly solve application problems with the same simplicity that you encounter working on tools such as Word and Excel.

Today with the new SolidRules Studio you can design a desktop application and decide, in one click, to turn it into a web application using powerful graphic layouts ready.

From learning to rules

Who chose it

Over 350 companies have chosen SolidRules, an innovative proposal in conception and technology. It is a proposal that intercepts the needs of companies and provides answers where it seems impossible for everyone. Today we find solutions based on SolidRules Configurator in many contexts, here are some examples


SolidRules Configurator is self-contained and can therefore work stand alone but the integrations make it unique.
It is integrated with the products of the Microsoft Office platform and works with the main 3D CAD (Solid Edge, solidworks, Inventor, Creo Parametric) and 2D (AutoCAD rather than the various electrical CAD).
Two-way communications have been created with over 50 different brands of management systems.
Obviously the strong link with SolidRules Desk and SolidRules incentro provide the proposal with the maximum possible power.


We put one, a full flow.
The completed engineering department can publish, directly from its 3D CAD, the models and the information that will be used later by the SolidRules configurator. Data preparation is therefore simple, immediate and minimizes startup and maintenance time.
Once the seller or customer completes the configuration on SolidRules, all choices arrive at the technical office. These can be used, for mounting on 3D CAD in order to have a continuous and bi-directional flow of information between design, sales, production.
Obviously directly from SolidRules the commercial can export the result of the configuration in DWG or DXF, can have the offer on Word and Excel or can export the configuration in a 3D format available via the web.


Download the SolidRules product brochure!


Other solutions

The whole SolidRules suite to cover every department:

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