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SolidRules, one solution for your whole business

An environment that starts with PDM, PLM, Technical-commercial product configurators, Spare Parts, Ticketing, Service, Orders, CRM, MES, IoT, Smart Building, BI till…no it doesn’t have limits.

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The project work by Alexide @ITT Blaise Pascal in Cesena

Alexide runs a collaboration with ITT Blaise Pascal in Cesena.

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SolidRules and AI: A persistent and against-the-current journey in business automation

Ready to change music?

Is your company an orchestra in tune or does each department play on its own?
SolidRules will direct your orchestra, for a stage performance.


Focus on your production

SolidRules InCentro is the most impudent PDM and the most irreverent PLM.

Instal it. Start it. Without complicated implementations You have just solved most of the problems that were slowing down your work on CAD.

You only need to release the project and automatically SolidRules create the draws in the right formats, records, bill of materials, working cycles and sent them to all your departments, management system and suppliers.

If You are worried because you also have a complicated history to clear, classify, encode, validate, historicize ... stop being worried because SolidRules InCentro will think about everything.

Focus on your production

Company System

Some galaxies over CRM

You have the best CRM, the best ticketing system, the best PMS, the best PLM and MES yet you don’t know if the offer was made. You don’t know what’s about the orders. You don’t know if the technical department finished the projects.

You are wondering why the production department continue to ask drawings to the technical department and why the same information is rewritten several times on different systems.

If you have these problems is because you still haven’t pick the solution that can give you PDM, PLM, CRM, CPQ, PMS, MES, Service System, Ticketing System, H&R System, Quality System…in one place.

Instead of trying to wriggle between many acronyms simply choose a Company System, choose SolidRules Desk.

Some galaxies over CRM


Configuration over imagination

Do you produce standard products with a lot of options? Do you produce special really complex products? SolidRules Configurator can figure out a solution for you!
Maybe you will choose it for Configure your offers and then discover that you can also configure layouts, bills of materials, work cycles, manuals, machinery directive and all your objects directly on CAD.
Discover the only one product configurator in the world that lives within a Company System that he himself created.

Configuration over imagination

Spare Parts

Spare parts for those who want to be satisfied

If you are satisfied of your ordinary B2B or B2C solution to manage your spare parts, do not continue to read.
Instead if you are looking for a solution that creates the spare parts automatically from a CAD release, if you demand to configure your after-sale flow as you did with your pre-sale flow, if you want a solution that can manage spare parts even when you don’t have 3D and 2D of the drawing, if you want to find the right spare part in according to the product that has the customer.
In this case you should learn more about SolidRules Parts.

Spare parts for those who want to be satisfied

IoT - Industry 4.0

Artificial intelligence for IoT, office automation and real life

SolidRules Quantum is a system of artificial intelligence that is self-consistent and capable of gather and analyse billions of data from the production machinery, building automation and data made with SolidRules system.
There are no crystal balls, no magicians or fortune tellers. There is only the last frontier of innovation transported in your daily life to anticipate choices and needs.


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