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At the heart of your CAD, at the heart of your documents, at the heart of your business

Install it, start it, and without the need for complicated implementations you will have already solved most of the problems that slow down your work on CAD. And if you want to spend some time setting up SolidRules Incentro PDM PLM you will find that it is possible to cover all your needs, even those you never imagined.

A gold mine for the Technical Office

To always have the right data at the right time in complete security, have a powerful coding system and allow you to automate processes. All in full collaborative system natively multi site and able to work on any document.

  • Researches
  • Encoding
  • Vault
  • Automation
  • Collaboration
  • Multi document
  • Multi site
A gold mine for the Technical Office

Wealth for all

  • Bill of materials
  • Workflow
  • Multi device
  • 3D and 2D information
  • For Third Parties: makes available to an external supplier all the data of a work account order automatically
Wealth for all


Product Data Management System

If your goal is to improve productivity and reduce production time at the same time while also reducing errors and costs then SolidRules PDM cannot be missing in your business strategy.

Without a PDM you would deprive your Technical Office of the ability to efficiently and safely manage data, vaulting and versioning mechanisms. You would move away from the ability to manage CAD data quickly and unambiguously. The storage and rapid search of information would remain a remote desire.



Product Lifecycle Management System

As the company grows its needs also grow, and where a PDM effectively manages the Technical Office, the PLM overcomes it and takes over the entire product life cycle both upstream and downstream.

SolidRules PLM covers the needs of the pre-sales and offer phase, of the order and design but also of the assistance and the service. All this while keeping all the information and business processes under control without making them rigid at the same time.

Because SolidRules is based on the solutions provided to companies like yours and the flexibility and peculiarities that distinguish each of them.


What it can do as soon as you meet it

  • Know immediately in which assemblies a component is mounted ('where used' instantaneous) to understand the impact of a change
  • Quickly search for a component by file name, by properties, by content (instant search on millions of documents)
  • Check in fractions of a second the duplicate files and broken links present in the entire archive
  • Manage batch prints with the possibility to insert information about the production batch, the distribution lists, the quantity to be printed
  • Create PDF, convert or update boards, replace paper sheets, all in batch mode
What it can do as soon as you meet it

If you get to know him better

  • Manage and generate codes capable of adhering to the coding rules adopted by the company (speaking, semi-speaking, progressive pure).
  • Classify each component in the most appropriate way
  • Automatically fill in the properties of each file, the title card and the revision form.
  • Archive documents in the right paths according to rules.
  • Manage the mechanisms of vaulting and versioning even on remote locations (both between locations always connected, both in mixed mode).
  • Manage your approval workflows.
  • Manage different types of bill
  • Batch fix broken links (with duplicate file management).
  • Connect your ERP system bidirectionally to manage master and bills.
If you get to know him better

What can it do if it becomes an integral part of your business

SolidRules Incentro is not "just" a tool for the Technical Office or for CAD files. It can work with all Office documents and more generally with any type of document. Anyone who needs to create a document, secure it, manage its status, or search for it can find a terrific solution in it.

Thanks to the simple web interface, all those who need it will be able to search and consult certified data, lightweight and in the most common formats.

SolidRules fires part solving the problems of the Technical Office but to fall in love with him will be, in addition to the designers, also the Production, the Purchasing Office, the Spare Parts Office.

What can it do if it becomes an integral part of your business


SolidRules Incentro is a self-consistent tool designed to put the CAD system at the center, but, at the same time, it is also at the center of the SolidRules project and therefore, to guarantee total flexibility, it is closely connected with the entire platform (from the Desk to the Product Configurator).

You can have SolidRules on Solid Edge, the CAD system that, with synchronous technology, has become one of the technological leaders.

SolidRules Incentro integrates seamlessly and completely with other best-in-class 3D CAD systems such as solidworks, Inventor and now also with CREO Parametric. SolidRules Incentro can be used for DWG files / DXF, for Office documents and for all business documents.

We have put in communication SolidRules with different electrical/electronic CAD such as eplan, SEE Electrical, orcad, Sabik, SPAC, ...

Who is made for

How much time do you spend searching for what you need? How much does it cost to re-design a component just because you didn’t realize it was already available? How much did it cost you to put an unapproved change into production?

Why suffer if the solution to your problems already exists, is simple, is flexible and is at hand.
SolidRules Incentro is the solution that makes CAD the center of gravity of all technical information and put in your files only valid information.

SolidRules incentro is for you if you want to reclaim also the historical archive. SolidRules Incentro is for you if you dream of a software that improves the way you work from the moment you finish the installation.


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Other solutions

The whole SolidRules suite to cover every department:

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