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The new frontier of smart buildings

SolidRules is the Company System that can handle almost all the needs of your company, so could we remain deaf to those related to the management of your building or plant?

We combined our knowledge of the world of IoT and AI solutions, knowledge concretized on SolidRules Quantum, with the ability to analyze large volumes of data in order to create a system that would make your building smart.

Comfort, automation and energy efficiency are the key words. We experienced it first on our skin.

The new frontier of smart buildings

Smart building: buildings of tomorrow, today

In recent years, the debate on smart buildings has been lively, their potential and benefits for both the company and staff have not gone unnoticed.

Specifically, a smart building arises from a set of technologies that allow different objects, sensors and functions within the building to communicate and interact with each other and also to be managed, controlled and automated. Here technologies meet creating a new ecosystem.

These technologies enable the automation and efficient adaptation of lighting, heating, ventilation, safety and other building systems. All according to the staff, characteristics of the building and the external environment.

Smart building: buildings of tomorrow, today

Energy efficiency as primary goal

The primary goal for the smart building concept is closely linked to energy efficiency, Italy has introduced the obligation to build buildings Nzeb (near Zero Energy Building) as required at the time by Directive 31/2010/EU, transposed in Italy by Legislative Decree 192/2005.

To move towards this goal, the realization of the intelligent building is based on two main systems: smart lighting, able to adjust light levels based on user data and behavior and HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning).

The realization of this system has been possible thanks to the recording of individual experiences in function of a series of parameters, cataloging the choices through data provided by the devices in use by users (pc, tablet and smartphone) and a series of low-cost sensors.

Thanks to intelligent buildings, able to control the energy used, it is possible to become efficient thanks to an indicator that detects when to stop or activate the energy supply in a space depending on its use.

Energy efficiency as primary goal

Anthropocentric building

The benefits that guests perceive from smart building facilities are numerous. Precisely because smart buildings are characterized by high health and safety protocols for people and assets, they ensure better comfort and quality of life. For example, using ventilation systems, heating, noise reduction or lighting.

Focusing on lighting, at SolidRules we use a system that allows you to program your comfort light zones to vary the possible spatial configurations of the building and the surrounding environmental conditions while minimizing energy consumption.

The project has taken into account aspects related to the anthropometric characteristics of users to ensure personal comfort in working spaces in open space or in coworking contexts.

It is possible to coexist in co-working environments with the possibility of different spatial configurations, adaptable over time, and a high level of visual comfort for the individual user, overcoming the critical issues related to a forced standardization of comfort levels not always corresponding to the real needs of people.

Anthropocentric building

What lies behind a smart building

At the heart of smart buildings is the Building Management System. Building management system that aims to reduce energy consumption and improve the comfort of the people who animate the structure.

This is possible thanks to technology-based platforms capable of integrating hardware, software and ICT services to ensure the collection and processing of data and their subsequent use in order to predict, programming and automating the processes inside the building.

SolidRules uses an Artificial Intelligence system based on Machine Learning able to make autonomous decisions based on the experience that therefore does not require to program all situations in advance.

It allows you to manage all aspects of the building such as lighting, HVAC, alarm system, windows and everything you need to include in the sphere of the Internet of Things. A single tool for all devices where you can decide where to store data and everything can happen completely in the enterprise intranet without turning to third-party cloud services.

Not only you do not have to anticipate all the situations, but the system learns from the user experience and evolves without having a programmer always available.

What lies behind a smart building

Endless evolution

The potential of smart buildings is hard to imagine, but the potential of SolidRules in this area we can imagine quite well.

For example, we are developing an AI and Machine Learning based monitoring system to manage workplace safety.

The same system can be used to automatically sign the hours of the production employees that work on more machineres that are not connected to the IoT.

At the same time, the system could be used in a Lean Production key to evaluate, through Heat Map the paths of people, means and raw materials.

Endless evolution


The benefits of a smart structure are different. In particular, they can be distinguished into two macro areas:
Hard benefits, related to energy savings, lower expenditure for the company, optimization of productivity.
Soft benefits aimed at guests of the structure in terms of their health, safety and comfort zones. The advantages of a smart building are:

  • Control and monitoring of energy consumption in order to reduce waste
  • Improving the well-being of occupants
  • Improved resource management in coworking mode
  • Automation of building behaviour
  • Monitoring in key safety at work
  • Simplification through the use of common devices and a unique approach
  • Data storage within the company

But a smart building managed with SolidRules also has other advantages that you must know:

  • You can use much cheaper devices than your own (see DALI light management systems).
  • Data stays in your building and you don’t have the only choice of a cloud system that you can’t control or predict future costs of.
  • If you are a manufacturing plant, HVAC data rather than energy data can be intertwined with production data to optimize production (SolidRules MES).
  • The system integrates with your Company System, or SolidRules Desk, to manage the booking of shared spaces rather than to show the data analyzed in dashboards that you can get where you think best.

Any question? We are here for you.

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