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Service management from alfa to omega

Plan and manage technical interventions for machines and other products sold to your clients.

Organize maintenance of your own company equipment.

Calculate and program timing and resources to dedicate to service and assistance department.

Navigate through an ocean of documents like bills, drawings, invoices and much more.

If only a though of all of this you have a headache, we feel you.

SolidRules was born to make your life easier like that. The goal is to take under your control the service and assistance activities without stress and problems. This is how:

Service management from alfa to omega

Plan, set up, manage

SolidRules plan automatically services related to maintenance plan that you yourself establish.

Manage service and assistance according to hourly carnet your clients bought and keep under control the schedule of your resources to always know the availability of employees and machines.

Plan, set up, manage

Costs under control

For any service you can track your work hours and those of the journey to your customer, equipment and spare parts used.

And all other things that you think are relevant to know the cost in terms of human resources, timing and materials.

Moreover, the provided services can automatically go to your ERP system and produce invoices and define payroll.

Costs under control

Take advantage of automatic planification

You can match for every machine its maintenance plan. This plan has a period within the manutention must be done, suggest a spare part list and some checks that your team need to do. Also, it shows how much time is needed for this kind of service.

According to this manutention plan, SolidRules will automatically schedule the next services.

Take advantage of automatic planification

Toward a predictive maintenance

All of the data gathered from past services, spare parts and assistance will be used for predictive maintenance and for bringing relevant information to your company.

You will be able to decide if there is something that your technical department need to change in their work, or which guarantee to extend based on objective data.

It will be possible to manage warnings and reports even if they come from automatically from the machines.

Toward a predictive maintenance

Assistance without surprises

Track the spare parts to use for every machine, view on every device drawings, bills, instructions in order to save time and do not commit errors.

At the end of the assistance, you can let your customer sign on your tablet.

Assistance without surprises

Everything in your hands

SolidRules gives you a simple system to always know which machines, lines or serial numbers bought the customer.

You know when a machine was installed, if it is in guarantee, if works properly and who is going to do the next maintenance.

You can view on your phone or tablet every draw, instructions and bills.

Thanks to SolidRules App from the RFID or QRCode your technician will know everything about the machine he is working on.

Everything in your hands

It’s a match for those who want:

  • Manage all the information like serial numbers, guarantee, maintenance plan and spare parts
  • Program ordinary and extraordinary assistances
  • Track everything related to clients and their assistance they request
  • Manage the assistance with a possibility to make clients sign on your tablet and at the same time have the possibility to view all the important documents
  • Control the schedule of services and assistance and employed resources
It’s a match for those who want:


SolidRules Desk can communicate and work with all your daily using tools like Microsoft Outlook / Office 365 or Google Calendar.
The management of projects on SolidRules Desk is totally auto consisting but, there is an opportunity to communicate thanks to import and export of data with tools like Microsoft Project.

Who is made for

SolidRules is made for those companies which offers a service system to their customers but also for those companies that manage by themselves their interior activities.

Any question? We are here for you.

Fill out the form or send us an email to info@solidrules.com. We will contact you to provide you all the solutions.

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