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The most solid virtual desk

SolidRules Desk is a web solution that extend PLM borders to everything that can serve you and your business.

It is the only desk where even if everybody puts their documents, everything remains ordered, classified and organized, like either the best assistant cannot do.
On SolidRules when you view a document immediately you have on your disposition every information that you need to take decisions.

The box of the boxes

Your company surely uses different tools, maybe so many as all your company departments. But the question is: Do they communicate with each other? Are they flexible and are they growing with your company?

Maybe your business would just need a single SolidRules system that can manage all departments. Or you may just need some of its features in the present without precluding future expansion.

For this reason, we have created SolidRules Desk, a company system with all its functionalities and flexibility that make it unique.


Cultivate business relationships

Develop your sales process and plan your company’s growth by managing all relationships with leads, potential customers, customers, suppliers and competitors

The capabilities of the CRM range from the birth of the lead to the closing of the contract and beyond! To allow you to cultivate relationships and business with your current and potential customers.

You can manage your activities, produce quotes and offers in the blink of an eye and always know every information and data from your personal dashboard.

Cultivate business relationships

Ticketing System

Hello, assistance?

Unlike the "usual" ticketing system designed exclusively to manage support, SolidRules allows you to open and manage reports on any document or business process.

Once opened, the ticket remains close to the object it refers to without having to change the container. Then each figure within the company finds in the dashboards customized the optimal information to manage it.

It can be a communication tool between departments alternative to simple email but thanks to the business intelligence inherent in SolidRules becomes a strategic tool to anticipate the activities that will have to perform the technical office to improve quality and avoid early breakages.

Ticketing System

Service System

The wizard of maintenance

SolidRules is not only designed for customer intervention management but goes further.

In fact, it also allows to manage all the information of the item subject to the intervention as serial number, guarantee, maintenance plan, documentation or suggested spare parts.

It allows to program the interventions and also thanks to the IoT technologies it can start an assistance session from the signalling of the machinery or from the historical analyses thus landing in the territory of the predictive maintenance.


Orders without worries

A single tool that combines the realization of a bill of materials, a service, a meeting and at the same time monitors each data to calculate the profitability and efficiency of business processes.

We know that rigid planning is not suited to the ever-changing and growing business flows and needs.

For this reason SolidRules combines the traditional approach of project planning with some flexible logics that are the basis of the "Agile Programming" paradigm that allow to keep under control the complexity of the orders.

H&R System

People at the centre

There are specific tools to manage staff, safety, medical examinations, personnel quality assessment, hours and so on. Then there is SolidRules where all these things you can have in the same box with everything else.

You can manage the safety of workers by defining, for each role, the necessary training and the relevant schedule. The same applies to health surveillance.

The management also touches on the theme of the recording of hours. It is possible to complete the order, recover the hours for the payroll and the staff expense notes.

Then there is the possibility to evaluate the staff through the matrices of polyvalence, very important evaluations also in view of Lean Production.

H&R System

Quality System

Mission quality

The ticketing system, in SolidRules, evolves into a system capable of managing product and process non-conformities.

A system able to bring out in advance the possible criticalities and to manage the controls in the various phases of the business process through wiki and targeted check-lists.

Thanks to the simplicity in describing content and the widespread management of access and privileges is also the ideal system to manage lessons learned.


Product Lifecycle Management

The tool that will support you in managing the entire product lifecycle to have full control of your production - from design to delivery - and beyond.
SolidRules PLM teaches all your departments to speak and speak the same language, to make your company a single coherent and cooperative body.

  • All the information and documents will always be in the right place and visible to the right people, searching them will be as simple as drinking a glass of water.
  • You can produce documents in a standardized and automatic way for all your needs.
  • The Technical Department can work smoothly and effectively because our PLM focuses on your CAD.

And there is much more!


Attention, work in progress

The MES system of SolidRules was created to effectively manage the production process even in case of special productions where from design to production the time must be as short as possible.

From the customer order to the production order, the process takes place automatically. You can then manage the progress of the order in each step and assign the jobs, also establishing a predetermined machining order.

It collects data and makes an analysis of performance in real time to know the costs of both economic and human resources, the times and the trend of company quality.


Why choose Desk?

You will choose it because of its unique approach to problems. You will choose it because of the simplicity with which information binds together. You will choose it because it can be fine whether your company consists of 10, 100 or 1000 people or grows over time, he will always grow with you.

It is the natural extension of your PLM ecosystem and you will find in it a faithful ally to manage all the small and large departments and activities of your company.

Sit in front of our Desk and things will start to take the shape you want.

Why choose Desk?


SolidRules Desk is an extension of SolidRules PLM from which inherits and extends not only the functionality but also the integrations. On SolidRules Desk we have developed privileged and bi-directional management with everyday tools such as Microsoft Outlook / Office 365 (for emails, events, meetings, tasks) or Google Calendar (for events, meetings, tasks).
The management of projects on the SolidRules Desk is completely self-consistent, but we have the possibility to communicate in import and export with leading tools such as Microsoft Project.
Obviously SolidRules Desk is the central hub of the entire SolidRules ecosystem.

It will surprise you

What will surprise you most in SolidRules Desk will be the embarrassing naturalness of its approach, of an approach in which things are built, stored, tied together without you saying it..


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Other solutions

The whole SolidRules suite to cover every department:

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