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A system to organise your production that you think you don’t need

If your company produce some goods but you think that almost one of those quotes are right, in this case SolidRules in not for you:

  • Surely this is an ordinary MES good only for those who make standard products, instead I do a lot of special products
  • An IT system slow us down
  • We always did it like that
  • I am a subcontractor and MES is good only for those who also plan the objects that they produce
  • I am not a subcontractor and I also need to plan by myself the objects I produce
  • I do almost everything on the outside of the company and I only think about assembling the object, so I don’t need a MES
  • It cost too much compared to the benefit I will receive

If you are sure that all the things here above are true…well it means that you don’t know SolidRules MES and you should continue to read

Quello che succederà alla tua produzione se passi a SolidRules:

Right when the order arrive it will go straight to production

SolidRules will know from the warehouse if the raw materials are present and if they are the standard parts immediately become a production order.

If there are some special parts in the order? No problem, these parts are sent to technical department where SolidRules PDM make it easy for project managers. To the point that at the release of the drawings SolidRules recovers automatically from CAD information, bill of materials of production and work cycle.

With all these information all the special parts also can become a production order.

Right when the order arrive it will go straight to production

Managing the order will be a cakewalk

Orders can be organized by priority or delivery time so your customer will be very satisfied.

From production order the information arrive in the core of production department.

Every employee with a tablet will know in any moment what he needs to do, view drawings in 2D or 3D, know how to manage tools, track time by pushing the buttons of start and finish or by a barcode or QRCode.

Managing the order will be a cakewalk

Your machines will talk to you

If your production is linked to internet and you have SolidRules Quantum IoT so the Start and the End of each phase of work could come directly from your machines.

At the end of the machine or the employee can immediately do the required checks, report any anomalies, or give suggestion for improving the process of Lean Production.

The production manager will know at any moment the actual state of the production and can reorganized it based on priorities or predictions of advances and delays.

Your machines will talk to you

You will climb mountains of data

You will know in real time the efficiency of your production thanks OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and you will have a lot of data, index, graphics.

All of these data can make it possible for you to know if you will make it to the delivery time, how to reduce the problems and reorganize shift according to the results and much more.

You will climb mountains of data

Costs and timing under your eyes

For every customer order, production order and production order you will know in real time if you are in line with the forecast (Lead Time) and how much it is costing you in terms of hours of human resources (of planning, production, etc), hours for work center, material costs and costs for external processing.

SolidRules MES is the ideal tool to give your company a model of Lean Manufacturing or Lean Production.

Costs and timing under your eyes

With SolidRules MES you will have:

  • Production Dashboards – all the important information in one place to know how the production is going and to always know where to operate
  • Production scheduling - Reorganize customer orders by determining delivery dates and inventory. At the change of priorities, the system simulates new dates based on bills of materials and machining cycles. Priorities for production orders already in progress can also be rearranged.
  • Production tracking - Every work centre and every operator via PC, tablet or smartphone can manage the Start and End of the work phases, enter the product quantities, waste and make a constant control in Lean optics. Tracking can also be done via barcode readers or QR Code.
  • Combined to SolidRules Quantum IoT - The system is integrated with Industry 4.0, allowing machines to independently manage production progress.
  • Integration with PLM world - You can immediately see 2D and 3D drawings, bill and cycle, setup instructions and much more. Also if you encounter a problem there is the possibility to open a ticket right on the object to which it refers.
  • Final results - On every production order, production order, customer order you can know how much it cost and whether you have complied with the schedule.

Who is made for

SolidRules MES is for everyone that want to guide and monitor every resource from production.
So every process can be performed in the best way.


SolidRules MES can be totally self-consistent because it manages the production warehouse (WIP) and the various storage warehouses (including the automatic ones), it manages the various documents of loading and unloading goods, may initiate supplier orders for the labor account or for the necessary raw materials.

Any question? We are here for you.

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