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From contact to client

Lost a possibility for a business is not something that somebody want. For that reason, manage and taking care of leads is very important.

Marketers effort in generating a lot of leads is not enough. Marketing and sales departments need to work together and take care of leads like of a little seed that need to grow in order to give fruits. It is not a coincidence that this process is called lead nurturing.

The lead needs to be properly added into company system,be qualified, and completed of any information. Also, a first contact must be programmed and all the further, the lead must be nurtured and taking care of till an offer and a first order is made.

SolidRuels make it possible for you to have all of the information about your leads right at your fingertips in an organized and efficient way. You will never lose any information and nurturing your leads will become a natural process.

From contact to client

Notification: you received a new contact request

A lead has shown interest in your company maybe by signing up to your website, giving a business card at the last event, find you on LinkedIn or sanding you an e-mail to receive more information.

All of those contacts have the potential to become your clients and need to be managed in an efficient way without any time and resources lost. With SolidRules management of your leads will be optimized, simple, tracked and without equivocations.

Notification: you received a new contact request

Grow opportunities

Once a lead is qualified it becomes a prospect.
This is a delicate moment that can lead you to a commercial opportunity through calls, meetings, follow-up, activities and marketing.
Every activity will produce documents, brings new information and analysis which can be used to make a good offer.
All of these actions and information will be organized and right in your hands.
Maybe you even didn’t imagine how SolidRules helps you to choose, in the right way, every information to gather an opportunity.

Grow opportunities

Right offer at the right moment

SolidRules is also an incredible CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) that let you have, with the bare minimum, a system that drives your sell department to choose the best product for the right customer.

It makes it possible to know the selling prize and costs that are calculated in real time according to the bills of materials and work cycle in a world where manage a market where the cost of raw materials changes frequently.

Moreover, the paper that the customer will receive will be clear and impeccable.

All of that can be made in a language of your client or more languages to be approachable in every market.

Right offer at the right moment

Everything under control

On the main dashboard you can see all of the activities, phone calls and opportunities regarding the company that you are consulting, but till now nothing new you said, right?

Obviously, we do not stop here because you can also find information about products, serial numbers, installations that the company bought or sell.

It is possibile to know when the warranty of any product expires and consult information about service and help desk. You can also acknowledge the state of your orders both from planning and production side.

In short: You can see every KPI that is relevant to know if it is worth to invest your time on some projects or not.

Everything under control

Who is made for

It is a solution for those who want to gather new clients or improve the relationship those who already existing. It is a very useful tool for your marketing and sell department.

  • Entering data of your leads
  • You can synchronize the CRM calendar with your other calendars
  • You can consult the funnel scheme
  • You can view all the business opportunities divided for sell department or company
  • You can quickly research every information with a full text mode
  • You can see the progress of leads and offers through time
  • You can organize meetings, activities and calls
  • You can make the quotation and from this configure the product and see the offer
  • You can define the costs of every opportunity


SolidRules Desk can communicate and work with all your daily using tools like Microsoft Outlook / Office 365 or Google Calendar.
The management of projects on SolidRules Desk is totally auto consisting but, there is an opportunity to communicate thanks to import and export of data with tools like Microsoft Project.
SolidRules Desk is the core of the whole ecosystem of SolidRules.

Any question? We are here for you.

Fill out the form or send us an email to info@solidrules.com. We will contact you to provide you all the solutions.

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