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The solution for those who have a lot of useful information in CAD documents to manage spare parts

SolidRules Parts is a solution designed for all those who have in CAD documents (in 2D or in 3D) a lot of useful information to manage spare parts. Information that is quickly retrieved and made available to the spare parts office or that can end up directly on the web portal, on the cd to be distributed with the machine or on the e-commerce module.

Spare parts in 2 clicks

SolidRules Parts allows the management of spare parts in 2D and 3D directly on the web. From the CAD table, with a few seconds of work and a total of 2 clicks, you can automatically recover:

  • Bill of Material.
  • Information about Variants and Kits.
  • Images of the components for which you want to manage the spare part.
  • The coordinates of the balloons that identify the components on the board.
  • The properties of the file
Spare parts in 2 clicks

4 ways to manage your spare parts

Not only spare parts card management, but spare parts from any source

  1. To manage the spare parts of an old machine where you do not have the spare parts card but a bill of spare parts or a production list.
  2. When you have an image but not the CAD object. The photo is sensitized via editor where it allows you to click on individual items that lead you to their distinct and individual item that you want to buy.
  3. When you only have the spare parts PDF. The PDF is sensitized automatically thanks to the smart algorithms of SolidRules Parts.
  4. In the case of the spare parts sheet produced from CAD. The spare part code comes from a two-dimensional drawing, a CAD table, where elements have been selected through integration becoming clickable and from these elements you can see the spare part code.
4 ways to manage your spare parts

The shopping card

When you move on to shopping cart management, you see all the information related to the currency, the notes entered by the customer or by your colleague, the shopping list. That cart can immediately become an order, by making a click or a quote to be sent by email.

You can also define other information such as quantity and delivery schedule, or pre-fill billing and shipping data.

The shopping card

Spare Parts dashboard

On the Spare Parts dashboard, you view the demanded spare parts but also tickets, documents and all the information around these exchanges and that it is important to know, all based on your own competence and authorizations in possession.

You can see the customer’s company and know its registry, the items purchased previously, the guarantees, references to the interventions made on the sold machine.

In addition, you know all the references to the drawing and all related documents such as PDF tab, movie and tab that the user sees. In this way the needs of the end user and internal needs converge.

Spare Parts dashboard

Who is made for

SolidRules Parts is aimed at companies in the mechanical sector that manage spare parts and that have in the 2D table a valuable source of product information. If for you the table is "little" and you want to offer your customers a truly innovative experience then you can manage the spare parts in 3D starting from the solid object you have on your CAD.

SolidRules Parts is aimed at those who want to make available to the customer a very simple system to recover the spare part of which ask for the quotation. If you want the customer not to limit himself to asking for a quotation you can offer a complete e-commerce able to arrive to the purchase on-line. The system then allows the integral management of the order and the relative tracking.


SolidRules Parts is integrated with Solid Edge, solidworks, Inventor and especially with the entire SolidRules ecosystem (from the PDM incentor to the Configurator).

SolidRules Parts is self-consistent and complete of the e-commerce part. It is however possible to integrate SolidRules Parts with e-commerce modules already existing on the market or with that your ERP has. If the usual soup is getting cold, don’t be satisfied: dive into the succulent news that SolidRules Parts offers.

Other solutions

The whole SolidRules suite to cover every department:

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