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Your ERP

SolidRules is self-contained and can do pretty much anything you need.
But you can only use SolidRules where you need it by leveraging its innate ability to dialogue with anyone, even with your management system.
Today SolidRules has been integrated with more than 50 different ERP brands and the number is constantly increasing.

Your tools

SolidRules is integrated with all common productivity tools.
Here is a partial list: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Inventor, CREO Parametric, AutoCAD, ePlan, SEE Electrical, SPAC, SABIC, InDesign, ...


The SolidRules solutions are also self consistent for the whole business contact management (CRM) part due to the presence of SolidRules Desk.
Nevertheless, SolidRules is natively integrated with one of the most common open source CRM solutions, namely SugarCRM.
If you want SolidRules and want to exploit the potential of SugarCRM you are in the right place.


Although SolidRules is a great B2B, the product configuration and parts management platform SolidRules is seamlessly integrated with one of the world’s most widely used open source e-commerce nopCommerce.


The SolidRules solutions for product configuration, export and data import, history remediation, coding, batch actions are integrated with Teamcenter (Siemens' number one global PLM) from version 1.

Today the integration with Teamcenter has become even richer and all the configuration processes can talk directly with Teamcenter (whether these processes are invoked within a work-flow, or are launched externally). The great flexibility of SolidRules together with the data organization offered by Teamcenter form a winning team.

Then we add that SolidRules incentro has been designed and designed to work in the center of the CAD system but also to be in the center between CAD and PLM. Some features of SolidRules incentro can be preparatory for those thinking about a future with Teamcenter. The mechanisms of SolidRules incentro return to the company reliable, organized, verified CAD data that simplify the transition to any PLM system. Many features of SolidRules incentro can be a valuable resource both for those who are implementing Teamcenter, and for those who already have Teamcenter.


Those who choose SolidRules incentro can also have, at no extra cost, integration with Subversion*, the world’s number one open source secure document storage system (of all documents).

For example, directly from your CAD system (Solid Edge, solidworks, Inventor, CREO Parametric, AutoCAD, ...), you can secure your documents, whether you are working on a part or editing multiple components within an assembly.

They ask you to know exactly what the machine was like that you delivered two years ago? Do you have to work in remote locations that may not always be connected to yours? Do you need to talk to external designers who work outside your technical office? With SolidRules Incentro and Subversion you will have the answer to these problems in the face of small investments in terms of licensing costs and implementation time.

Then we add that all SolidRules solutions can be integrated with Subversion.


Since its inception, SolidRules products have been fully integrated with Linkersys, the content manager for the manufacturing world.

Office documents, CAD documents, Spare Parts Catalogue information produced and retrieved by SolidRules incentro can be stored, in a single click, on several tanks including Linkersys - to reach all authorized users (business departments, suppliers, end customers, potential customers).

For CAD files, we add that the integration with Linkersys, allows you to publish directly on your company portal, the PDF vector format of the 2D tables, the JT or PDF vector format of the 3D components and the technical lists retrieved for example from Solid Edge.

SolidRules + Linkersys™ = Business Collaboration at 360°.

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