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A company that does not have the right tools for manage and control it’s orders is struggling with estimating in advance the effects of accepting a new order.

Moreover, it doesn’t have control over managing time and resources with the effect of less profitability and more stress at workplace.

All of this can be solved with a little help.

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Orders in your hand and achievements on top

There are a lot of good tools for planification of a project and management of resources. But there are few that can do all of this together. Like management of bill of materials, documents, tickets, activities and assistance, meeting and much more.

All of this by monitoring all data that show the profitability of projects and efficiency of production.

Orders in your hand and achievements on top

Agile Programming

A strict planning has show that it is effective only in theory but not in practice.

Therefore, we choose to apply next to a traditional approach of planification some flexible rules that we take from Agile Programming. This is a technique that make it possible to take over control all of the critical situations.

When everything is a priority, when time is never enough and you need a different system to control all the inconveniences, with SolidRules this is possible.

Agile Programming


During the management of an order, it is possible to assign tasks and set them in time, see the progress and even change the priorities if necessary.

You can have a lean and organize workflow where every employee at every moment will know what to do.


Guardian of data

Monitoring data regarding your orders with SolidRules is easy.

You can have in your hands everything that relate to the time need to realize a project and the timing of any activity.

The performance and the productivity for each phase of the project on specific orders.

Guardian of data

Master of bills

In SolidRules the cost calculating of a project can arrive from anywhere. Thanks this you can have a dashboard for every order that shows you the project costs, the costs from production inclusive of those of used materials and assistance and service costs.

You can have under control every entrance and exit costs for every order in one place.

You will know the profitability for any order and the efficiency of your production department without being omniscient and omnipresent.

Master of bills

Who is made for

SolidRules PMS is made for everyone that wants to bring more quality and results, certainty, time and profitability in their orders management system. It is effective for:

  • Efficient programming of activities
  • Monitoring of efficiency of every activity
  • Optimization of resources
  • Time management
  • Prediction of activities even in case of unexpected events
  • Cost and profitability monitoring
  • Production of bill of materials, documents and tickets
  • Managing all the process in one place


SolidRules Desk is ad extension of SolidRules PLM from which takes and expand all the features and integrations.
SolidRules Desk can communicate and work with all your daily using tools like Microsoft Outlook / Office 365 or Google Calendar.
The management of projects on SolidRules Desk is totally auto consisting but, there is an opportunity to communicate thanks to import and export of data with tools like Microsoft Project.
SolidRules Desk is the core of the whole ecosystem of SolidRules.

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