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Realize your customers dreams

Design, product configuration, industrial automation and much more.

It is the SolidRules proposal oriented to design, sales and after-sales processes, product configuration, industrial automation, quality certification.

It is the ideal proposal both for those who have to configure existing bricks (ATO configuration - Assembly to Order) or for those who must parameterize or design something not yet realized (ETO configuration - Engineering to Order).

With SolidRules Configurator it becomes easy to automate the return on 3D and 2D CAD to turn the needs of your customers into reality for a Design Automation experience that does not stop at the appearance but goes to the substance.

Realize your customers dreams

Input quotation, CAD project output!

SolidRules Configurator provides the end customer with an effective system to request economic quotes for both standard and special products.

Give the customer the chance to see the real preview of what he will ask for, in record time!

The request for quotation will arrive to your staff already complete with the necessary information so that it can be processed quickly and all while being able to choose whether to do it through web or desktop mode.

The commercial input enters the technical office and is realized through an automatic process that deals with parameterization, assembly, coding, storage directly on your 3D and 2D CAD.

If the object they are asking for already exists he knows it and keeps you from reinventing the wheel all the time.

Input quotation, CAD project output!

Tool box for everyone

The SolidRules Configurator equips the sales team with a tool to create timely offers, accompanied by bills of materials, 3D and 2D sensitive previews, animations, eliminating the traditional distance between the needs of the Sales and those of the Technical Office.

All working whether the seller is always connected or working in disconnected mode. For a chimerical offer and customer management!

Tool box for everyone

Does it read into the technician's mind?

No, SolidRules has no otherworldly powers but manages to provide the Technical Office with a tool capable of capturing the knowledge intrinsically present in CAD components to maximize reusability and minimize errors and time loss.
All this with the possibility of guiding parameterization, assembly and table setting.

From the CAD, the Technical Office can also obtain all the necessary information to estimate in advance the production costs of a new product.

And if the request contains special parts? The traditional configurator leaves you in the "either everything is standard or nothing" logic. SolidRules takes you to create the closes object to the request and then the designer will complete it by interpreting the client’s wishes. At that point the flow starts again and you still have significantly reduced the design time.

In short, it does everything that the technician has planned in his mind but translating it immediately into reality thus becoming the most beloved tool of all the Technical Office.

Does it read into the technician's mind?

Who is made for

SolidRules Configurator was created keeping in mind the needs and the work done in the companies of the Manufacturing, Packaging and Automotive sectors, but not only! We at SolidRules love challenges, we are available for anyone with seemingly complex problems, and are looking for an out-of-the-box solution.

  • Request economic quotations for both standard and special products
  • Create accurate offers, bills, animations
  • Show the customer the 2D and 3D preview of what they want to achieve
  • Process your order quickly and quickly
  • Minimize errors and time wasted in project implementation
  • Estimate production costs in advance
  • Recreate the desired object on 2D and 3D CAD for standard, configurable or special products.


The advantages of choosing SolidRules Configurator as a product configurator are not decreed "only" by power, flexibility and simplicity but also by unique levels of integration with best-in-class products
such as Solid Edge, solidworks, Inventor, I create Parametric, Office, Teamcenter, JT, Linkersys, Subversion, .... Obviously the power comes from the integration with the ecosistama SolidRules that with Incentro and Desk offers everything you could want.

Any question? We are here for you.

Fill out the form or send us an email to info@solidrules.com. We will contact you to provide you all the solutions.

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