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Once upon a time a software house

C’era una volta una software house

Developers' secret life

For a long time we stayed in the shadows, we didn't care to show us just like every popular superhero or a rockstar.
Maybe it's because we are we’re computer scientists, and socializing it's not our strong point, unless it’s in C#, python, etc. Maybe it's because we liked that small world of intimacy where we work in our "laboratories" of ideas, playing with technology for our own.
Our life ran smoothly, for days, weeks, months and years. But you know. The only certainty is that everything changes.

Wind of change

In these years the work was ringing at the door and our projects have grown, and we along with them.
Some projects were ordinary, others were challenges. And faced with the challenges we noticed that the adrenaline rush of new projects was getting stronger, that the challenges and mountains to climb were what we were born for.
That getting our hands dirty to find solutions, bring change and revolutionize the work of those who turned to us was our mission.

(Extra)ordinary world

Although our mission was now clear and well imprinted in the DNA, our direct ways, our irreverent ideas, our desire to shape solutions in unconventional ways did not seem to us to be suitable for that world, instead, so ordinary.

Few but tenacious

Although the roads were not easy, even though we were a handful of people at that time and our personality was a bit rebellious, the transformation we brought was what our customers needed.
As a famous character said in some equally famous film "The manufacturing sector does not have the hero it deserves, but the hero it needs". Or something like that.

Ready for adventure

There were those who enjoyed our being so irreverent and ambitious and those who turned their noses at our oddities.
Seeing every customer coming home with a solution and their business growing, each new challenge encouraged us to do more and each defeat was a time to improve; in those moments we decided to increase our push. We had to arm ourselves and go for the adventure riding our SolidRules towards more and more inclusive solutions to dispense them to anyone who needed them, large and small companies with problems as big and small as they were.

The tests passed

The tests to overcome in this adventure were numerous. Let’s say that we could compare them to the efforts of Hercules, only instead of killing the Hydra of Lerna we decided to build a new headquarters where to plan the future. Instead of capturing Cerberus, we have captured new talents to be part of our team and instead of conquering the belt of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, we have devised new products and solutions to the most diverse problems.


Once we built and populated our operational fortress and "trained" our tools, we decided to take off our, albeit fascinating, halo of mystery to let know our world told and show it to you. Our irreverent soul felt the need for comparisons, new ideas, to meet other realities and to explore new horizons and all this is possible only by throwing oneself into the fray.


The most important challenge

Our central test lies here, in this text that you are reading and of which you may wonder the purpose. Well, the point is to have you here. We decided to dedicate this section of our digital space to make us known, to reveal who are the people behind the products you use and have them told by those who made them.
We are here to tell you the news, to advise, to laugh (yes because we do not take ourselves too seriously). In short, we are here to turn your problems into solutions and do it in our own way.
There will be times when you will curse us for the way we are a bit unruly and a bit brazen, but eventually you will find that is how we will guide you in your personal and unique digital transformation.

Magic tool

Our goal over time has become to create a Company System that thanks to a single solution could cover all your needs. Thanks to your needs, to the most absurd and impossible problems, we have been able to reach this goal.
The greatest challenges have been our teachers. SolidRules is our magic element in this story, a shape-shifting tool with different capabilities. Sometimes it can be a PDM, other a CRM or a MES.
It can manage human resources, but it can also speak to machines. It can predict danger and can be flexible. And it never stops growing.

The heroes never sleep

Now that we have revealed a part of us, there is no going back. Our journey has certainly not ended here, there are still many worlds of solutions to explore and there are many companies that want a change.
Behind our computers and in the meeting rooms there is the smell of new and freshly baked ideas. You can feel the electricity in the air. The entire factory seems to have come to life in order to take part, or is it thanks to home automation? Who can say.

Back to the start?

It’s true we have changed, our location has changed and our product has changed. As a natural consequence of time and changing needs. But basically we are always ourselves, with that curiosity, tenacity and nonconformity that characterize us.
But we do not go back alone, we come back with a Company System that is able to cover every need and face with us every problem, even seemingly impossible.

And so we ask you, do you have any problems in your company? Do your departments communicate with each other? Do you feel you have costs and time in your hands?
Maybe you also feel a little rebellious, a little creator, a little inventor and maybe you need the elixir SolidRules to solve the problems that plague your business. If so you are welcome, we are waiting for you.

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