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The project work by Alexide @ITT Blaise Pascal in Cesena

project work ITT

With the birth of the DIR - Romagna IT District, our mission to make everyone understand that this territory is rich in companies that have become national and international reference points in the field of computer science and innovation has emerged.

We have adopted a proactive approach through collaboration with schools of all levels. 🚀

After the educational experience in the "Computer Systems Technologies" degree program at the UNIBO campus in Cesena and the collaboration with the ITS Academy FITSTIC foundation last year, we have initiated a new experience involving the ITT Blaise Pascal in Cesena.

We launched a "project work" guided by Alessandro Fagioli and Marco Calbucci to introduce students to the world of Artificial Intelligence, adopting an approach that we could define as "alexidean". 🤖
The goal is "simple": to create accurate weather forecasts based on data from a weather station. 🌤️🌦️🌧️

An objective that meteorologists around the world are still pursuing unsuccessfully, but only because they did not participate in this "project work" 😊.

So far, the students have discovered concepts such as correlation and the importance of data, learning that with just 5 lines of code it is possible to reveal the dependence of relative humidity on temperature: the warmer the air gets, the lower the relative humidity.

We admit that this discovery, obvious to any meteorologist and minimally informed person, may not have been entirely clear even to some of the Alexide teachers 😉.

We had a lot of fun and we trust it was the same for the students, who participated with surprising energy.

We thank the DIR for the patronage, Professor @Chiara Fusaroli and Professor @Matteo Lucchi for their commitment and enthusiasm in supporting the
initiative. ✨

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