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Alexide for Unibo: the laboratory of big data, data mining e data analytics has just started

We are in September and the university courses have started up again.
We also noticed this from the few free parking spaces next to the university campus, a sign of the students' good intentions. At least for the first few months.
It is also a start to the school year for us at Alexide who are back behind the Chair to bring future engineers a good dose of programming, practical case studies and hopefully some of our passion.

Our course is a "Laboratory of big data, data mining and data analytics" and is taught by our highly trained Marco Calbucci*, who does data analysis even while drinking coffee at the machine during the break.
We are sure to leave students in good hands and that this will bring value to their university and work journey because as Alessandro Fagioli said in the presentation "The real heritage is in the data" Therefore knowing how to analyze and manage them will be indispensable for future professionals in the sector.

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