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With SolidRules Quantum you can:

  • Communicate directly with your machines
  • See the real-time trend of the machines based on the measurements
  • See the alarm situation with the possibility of opening Tickets on SolidRules Desk
  • Read the machine counters to advance the production phases on SolidRules Desk
  • Analyze historical data to highlight critical issues and opportunities thanks to unique Deep Learning tools
  • Have a solution that can communicate with your machines inside the factory or with those sold to your customers
  • Work according to the Internet of Things model but also as an Intranet of Things to have total control of data, costs and time

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Analyze and improve production efficiency through optimized management of machine data

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What sets SolidRules Quantum apart

From any other system that promises to cover the needs of Industry 4.0?


The artificial intelligence...

The market already offers many IoT solutions, this is undeniable, but these are Internet of Things solutions that work largely by exploiting third-party cloud services.

In fact, there are ready-made services that simplify the implementation of an IoT solution, but this has different effects to consider.

These are solutions whose costs may vary depending on the volume of managed data.

If the rate of cloud services that you have chosen increases you cannot simply restart somewhere else.

It is not just a problem of data transfer (of large volumes of data) but it is necessary to redo the implementation and this involves heavy costs and uncertain times.

...naturally intelligent

To overcome this we have thought of a completely self-consistent solution that has no need for external services to work, which you can install in your infrastructure if you want.

The experience on SolidRules Desk in managing millions of documents has been poured onto SolidRules Quantum where we have simply gone from millions to billions (one factory has many machines, each machine has different sensors, each sensor provides hundreds of measurements every minute).

SolidRules Quantum stores individual surveys and analyzes them to extrapolate the KPIs (performance indexes) best suited to your business. If you decide to modify the parameters of the analysis there is no problem because, starting from the raw data, you have the possibility of bringing out further objectives.

Quantum Scheme

Created for the whole company

Don't think, however, that SolidRules Quantum is confined to production because he too has a boundless ambition. For example, it can also become a tool to record the way in which resources interact with the company and with the software. You may find that the quality procedure that you have developed in months of work is not read by anyone.

SolidRules Quantum combined with SolidRules Desk allows you to automatically check every phase of your business.

The real question is where can SolidRules Quantum get to? This is an answer that we cannot give. When you develop an Artificial Intelligence system where Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Virtual Reality go from theory to practice there is no surprise that tomorrow it will be directly him who answers this question.

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