SolidRules InCentro PLM

At the center of your company

It is the container where all the data and official information that move your company pass.

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The container that moves all the information that push your company ahead

SolidRules® Incentro has been conceived and designed to work at the core of a CAD system but also, thanks to the plm module, to be the link between the technical department and all other departments in the company (production, purchasing, logistics).

With one click on the PLM collaboration form, thanks to the pdm form, it is possible to publish from CAD, the pdf vectorial format of the 2D technical drawings, the jt and pdf vectorial formats of the 3D components, the technical bill of materials retrieved from cad, spare parts directly produced from the 2D or 3D files. On the web portal this information, along with all the business documents, can be freely arranged and made available to users based on capillary authorization policies.

Documents can be organized templatesd on virtual folders, (e.g. basing on the job order), according to priorities or dates, etc. the same document can appear on different folders without unnecessary duplicates.

The easy to use web interface has been designed to provide a complete 360° sharing experience able to cover all needs within the company.

Only you can set the boundaries of SolidRules® Incentro PLM. Making certified controlled and monitored data available to customers and suppliers becomes easy.

SolidRules® Incentro PLM is also a document management system capable of managing the history of changes (on a document, record, link etc. level). Authorized personnel can view all changes occurred on the documents without worry.


  • Cooperation. Product life cycle management.
  • Bill of materials. Complete management of the Mechanical, Electrical, Mechatronics bill of materials, Management Software, Spare Parts, Cycles.
  • Search. Full-text search on any type of document (pdf, email, dwg, ...).

  • Contractors. It makes all the data of a work order automatically available to an external supplier.
  • Multi device. 3D and 2D information available on any device, smartphone, tablet and PC.


  • Creation of ZIP files with all the documents of the Bill of Materials, Job Orders, researches, templatesd on authorisations.
  • Connecting the Company with customers and suppliers.
  • Company Workflow Management System.
  • Managing Bill of Materials, 2D/3D Spare Parts and more generically any document that needs publishing.
  • Providing an accurate picture of what is happening within the company, drawing attention to those who have raised their hands to suggest improvements or to point out a problem.

  • Company Workflow Management System.
  • Documents search by content and records (instant search also over millions of documents).
  • Keeping track of all changes history (on the document and records).
  • Allows the organization of all documents within virtual folders, (per job order, per customer, by priority, by year, by batch, etc).
  • Producing PDF prints with all the lay outs of the Bill of Materials, job orders and researches.

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Automatic publication of technical documents is carried out in combination with SolidRules® InCentro. Thanks to the integration with the CAD systems and with the Office components it is possible, with extreme simplicity, to modify the documents even starting directly from the web.SolidRules® InCentro PLM is also closely connected to the entire platform of product configuration SolidRules® Configurator. The documents produced automatically by the configuration tools can be published on the portal SolidRules® InCentro PLM to reach the end customer with ease.

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