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SolidRules® Desk is the web solution that extend PLM to your company needs. SolidRules® DESK is the Company System, that is just one product able to offer commercial opportunities management (CRM), orders (PMS) and production (MRP, MES) management, support and intervention management (Ticketing & Service System), resources and calendar management.


SolidRules® InCentro PDM is the PDM for CAD files management. Install it, run it and you already solved a lot of your problems. If you dedicate some minutes to the configuration of SolidRules® Incentro you will find that it can satisfy all your needs. (coding, research, vaulting, versioning, workflow)


SolidRules® InCentro PLM has been conceived and designed to work at the core of a CAD system but also, thanks to the PLM module, to be the link between the technical department and all other departments in the company (production, purchasing, logistics).


SolidRules® Configurator Office is the right choice if you need to standardize and speed up production of all company documents (Quotations, Technical References, Use and Maintenance Manuals, Technical Data Sheets, Engineering Change Requests, Reports, Non-Conformity, Machinery Directive, etc) without giving up the flexibility of tools such as Word® and Excel®. Multilanguage, multicurrency, multicatalog. Available both off-line and on-line on every device.


SolidRules® Configurator Manufacturing is oriented to design, processes of sales and after sales, product configuration, industrial automation, certification of quality. It is the ideal solution for those who need to configure existing bricks (ATO configuration or Assemble to Order) or for those who must parameterize or design something not carried out yet (ETO configuration or Engineer To Order).


It is a fact that the technicians design and salesmen sell. SolidRules® Configurator Planner allows salesman to create in real time a 3D and 2D project without a CAD license on the PC, without CAD skills and without making mistakes. Then it can provide the customer the 3D project just created directly on the web, including photo-realistic rendering. SolidRules® Configurator Planner


Using SolidRules® Costing you can know your components cost in the design phase. It will no longer be necessary to solicit quotations from suppliers. Your company and your suppliers will use a tool able to establish the right price for manufacturing works.


SolidRules® Exchanger is the configuration solution conceived to sell, design and realize heat exchangers decreasing leadtime.


SolidRules® Parts is an application designed for those who have within 2D or 3D CAD documents all the information useful to manage spare parts. These information can be quickly retrieved and sent to spare parts department, can end up directly on the web portal, on CDs or on the e-commerce module.


  • Commercial Quote Configuration
  • Assemble To Order ed Engineer To Order product configuration
  • Documents, catalogues, user manuals configuration
  • 2D and 3D configuration, no CAD required (graphic planner)
  • Bill of materials configuration
  • On and/or off line configuration
  • Multisite, coding and classification managament
  • CAD data management (TDM, EDM, PDM)
  • Documents management (PLM, Vaulting, Versioning, Workflow)
  • Production management (MRP, MES)
  • Print and batch actions
  • Spare parts
  • Information distribution
  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Client management
  • E-commerce
  • Suppliers management
  • Support management (ticketing system and help desk)
  • Content management (CMS)
  • Order planning and development (PMS)

100% customizable

SolidRules® solutions are ready to use the way we designed them. To do that we created SolidRules® Studio. It is the union between a BRMS (Business Rule Management System) and a RPMS (Rule-driven Product Management System) and it allows to describe logical processes and quickly solve application problems with the same ease as working with tools such as Word and Excel. Today with SolidRules® Studio you can design a desktop application and decide to turn it into a web application by taking advantage of a powerful graphics layout ready for use.